Rocks Are Actually Soft and Squishy – They Just Tense Up When We Touch Them

Have rocks been lying to us all this time? A geologist in North Dakota claims that rocks are actually incredibly soft and squishy and tense up only when humans touch them.

Geologist Gina Worthing has been studying rocks for years. When researching the hardness of rocks, she noticed something very peculiar.

I touch hundreds of rocks a day. So I implemented a new experiment where I would sneak up behind the rock real quietly. When I grabbed the rock it felt like a damn stress ball. Fucking crazy, man…

– Geologist Gina Worthing on the softness of rocks

Gina even took this picture of a rock that pretty much proves her soft rock theory:

A rock that didn’t tense up in time. RIP little guy.

The interesting thing about this theory is that there really is no way to disprove it. I dare you to try.

And if this is true, what does it mean about the rest of the world as we know it? If rocks are lying, are trees lying about being made of wood? Is the sun actually hot? Is the sky really blue? There are so many unanswered questions…

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