Most Women Don’t Answer Video Calls After 9pm Because Their Face Has Been Restored To Factory Settings

Women remove their makeup just after they take out their contact lenses, usually around 9pm. For men, this usually signals the chance for sex to be significantly lower as well.

Like clockwork women wake up, paint on their faces and head out the door.

But since we never really see or care to watch a woman put on her make up, could it be possible that over the last century women have evolved to have their faces change through a series of muscle mechanics and atom rearrangements thus reconfiguring the look of her face each morning?

Many scientists suggest yes.

“It really is not that far out of an idea to suggest that women have adapted over many decades of applying makeup that their DNA had or is being altered to include a more presentable appearance when they recognize their time outside the home will be around other women and potential mates and once back in the safety of their homes does their face return to default settings.”

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Giorgio also makes the point that the reason you won’t ever facetime with a girl after 9pm is for just this reason.

“Unless you are actually up in those guts on a regular basis I would bet my paycheck she ain’t answering your voice call, broh lmao.”


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