Anti-Vaxx Twins Celebrate Their 3rd Birthday Together

Today marks the 3rd year that these two have placed other people’s children in jeopardy due to the blatant neglect of their anti-vaxx mother and spineless father.

It will be a day of non GMO foods, avacado on fucking everything, 2 different yoga classes based on skill level, pin the needle on the doctor, acupuncture for the kids and an assortment of essential oils in little take home goodie bags!

Janette Stein is the mother of these two little virals: Claire & Kenan.

“My entire family hates that I haven’t vaccinated my kids but I really don’t care what anyone thinks. They are healthy, their mercury levels are at zero and no sign of autism!” Janette said. “I’m so tired of everyone thinking they know what’s best. I mean, Claire has a dry cough that hangs around if she stops her acupunctures but other than that they are healthy as I’ll get out.”

Several days after this article was wrote, a series of reported measle outbreaks happened at the school these children attend. All of them were at the same party.

Vaccinate your fuckin kids.


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