The AirPods™ Meme Was An Inside Job

Any press is good press, right? At least that’s what Apple thought when they started the AirPods™ meme.

According to several theories with no credibility whatsoever, it is believed that the AirPods™ memes were actually started by Apple themselves.

Here are some of the best AirPods™ memes/tweets that surfaced in the last couple months:

We even wrote about a theory that Beethoven wasn’t deaf; he just had AirPods™ in the whole time and everyone around him was poor. (Check out that story here.)

Think about it: Is it possible that all these people are getting paid to tweet about how only rich people buy AirPods™? Could Apple be using a similar sales tactic as Gucci in which sales associates are rude and standoffish to customers to make them feel worthless so they feel like they need to overcompensate by purchasing overpriced products?

There are several companies selling wireless headphones for much cheaper. Did Apple feel like they needed to implement some guerilla marketing in the form of tweets and memes about how their headphones make you feel superior to others so they could justify their high prices?

Apple has been criticized for lack of innovation in the last couple years and their stock price took a serious hit in late 2018 because of it. Was the AirPods™ meme Apple’s newest form of innovation?

Really makes you think… 🤔

I’m sure Apple would never really do this, but if you don’t wanna be a worthless piece of shit any longer, buy your AirPods™ using this link!

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