Duck Are Robots Your F.B.I. Guy Uses To Connect To Your Phones IP Collecting Information About You

The phrase, “Let’s get this bread” has been used more frequently on the internet lately and that is largely due to the growing amount of ducks being used by the government, more specifically F.B.I. agents around the world, to spy on their assigned IP users.

Let’s be honest, the only people using the ‘let’s get this bread’ phrase are fuck bois who blow their paychecks on car parts for their shitty 97′ Honda’s or Sound cloud rappers. No one says that being serious – not even bakers.

Let’s look at the robot duck:

robot duck designs at the turn of the century

The government has been more and more focused on creating life like ducks that many speculate the A.I. of the duck has created a mind of it’s own making it the first ever robot of it’s kind to prove that in the right avatar, Artificial Intelligence could control or ultimately end human existence as we know it.

Next time you are near a duck, do not lure it over with bread. Instead, attempt to remove the head of the duck rendering its optic system useless but remember that the audio file is always recording so tie a rock or cinderblock to the robots feet and allow it to sink below the waters surface.


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