Ja Rule and Billy McFarland Reunite to Plan Fyre Festival for Anti-Vaxxers

Finally something we can all get behind. Reports surfaced this week that Billy McFarland has been calling Ja Rule from prison to talk about their next business venture: A Fyre Festival where only Anti-Vaxxers are invited.

If somehow you aren’t familiar with the Fyre Festival, it was supposed to be a music festival in the Bahamas that was promised to have Instagram models, great music, food/drinks, and luxurious lodging. Here’s what Fyre Fest actually looked like:




And here was the gourmet food offered at the festival:

Two documentaries (one on Netflix and the other on Hulu) came out this year detailing the fraud committed by Billy McFarland and his entourage when planning the Fyre Festival. The Hulu doc (i.e. the better one) actually shows a full interview with Billy himself. As he tries to justify his actions, it quickly becomes clear that he truly is a trash human that thinks he’s a lot smarter than everyone else.

Although Billy fucked up, many people had a lot of fun watching rich kids who paid thousands of dollars for tickets to Fyre Festival experience prison-like conditions for a couple of days. That’s why Billy’s newest venture “Fyre Fest: Anti-Vaxx Edition” is sure to be a success.

People take great pride in watching anti-vaxxers say the darndest things and look like complete dunces on the Internet. They will surely love watching them suffer at this failure of a festival.

In order to be granted a ticket, you have to prove that you don’t vaccinate your children. There will be a very basic test with elementary-level math questions. If you fail the test, you’re in.  Along with the ticket to the festival, each guest will receive an exclusive starter kit of Fyre-brand essential oils and one of the following T-shirts:


We should all root for Billy on this venture. He’s finally doing something for the people.

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