Teen Rushes Home To Stop Mom Before She Opens His 64gb ‘Homework’ Folder

One of the worst feeling as a preteen is being caught with a fistful of your own sausage. Equally worse is when your parents find the sauce.

Local teen and anime weeb, Spencer Braun (13) was hanging with friends when he recieved a text message from his mother.

“My heart dropped out of my ass..”


A sudden rush of panic and humiliation overcame Spencer and he stood up.

“I have to go home, boys. I think mom found all my hentai sauce.” Spencer told the dudes.

“The dudes” are a handful of internet trolls that think they run Fortnite lol nah brah that’s my boy iKylekrunk though. (Check him out).

We are assuming Spencer made it home and is probably grounded because we haven’t heard from him in like 3 days and he’s been offline on virtually every every form of communication. Rip fam.


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