Shaggy Confirmed For Avengers: Endgame In Latest Leak

Sorry for the spoiler fam but Shaggy is confirmed to be the hero (or villain) to remove Thanos from existence and turn this film upside down.

Sign this petition to make Shaggy a DLC in the new Mortal Kombat 11.

Actor playing Shaggy was essentially unconscious for the entire movie.

It is no secret that Shaggy is the strongest being in the universe. That has become common knowledge amongst scholars and Harvard professors.

In the new Avengers: Endgame Shaggy only uses 15% of his full potential throughout the movie to defeat Thanos and cause Universal damage that literally cannot be undone.

Shaggy made a series of memes to taunt Thanos while they were in their trailers

Most of the other characters don’t like Shaggy and have habitually complained about him.

Robert Downey Jr. said, “The ONLY time I ever had a flicker of respect for Shaggy was when he cheap shotted Thanos for staring at my girlfriends ass. You can’t even call it a cheap shot because Thanos had zero control of it happening anyway.”

Shaggy has become too strong for his own good. He views people and life as a fucked up dimension that society has fabricated so he has no respect for our ‘lives’ or anything at all.

No one can stop him now. He has become far to strong. We can only pray that he kills himself before he permanently destroys the entire idea of existence.

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