Canada Secretly Builds A Border Wall; Wants US To Pay For It.

“Sorry, not sorry.. okay we’re sorry.” – Canadian Government

Since 1990, Canada and the U.S. have been sharing border data concerning trades between both of the countries.

While both countries are allies in both trade and dependant of one another for resources, it’s safe to say they’re polar opposites when it’s aboot social views.

Until now.

It seems during the U.S. government ¤shutdown, Canada has built a wall of their own.. except now they sent off the bill to the Trump administration.

Woken News Network tried to contact a Canadian official but only response we had recieved was an anonymous letter saying:

“Sorry – not sorry..

..okay we’re sorry.

Love, Canada. Xx”

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¤Relative to the timeframe when this article has been originally published.


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