Teenager Unplugs Her Grandpa’s Life Support to Charge iPhone™

What’s more important? Keeping your grandparent or your cell phone alive? Teenager Tina Smith was quick to answer this question when she unplugged her grandpa’s life support so she could charge her iPhone™ while visiting him in the hospital last weekend.

Tina was mindlessly scrolling through some sweet memes when a nurse rushed in and quickly plugged the machine back in, saving Gramps. Naturally, Tina was pissed.

“The worst thing about this whole ordeal is that my phone didn’t even get a full charge. How the hell am I supposed to get my daily dose of Sasuke memes? iPhone™ batteries are ass.” the 16 year old explained in the lobby of Liberty Hospital.

The nurse explained that this is becoming very common. “It just makes sense. There are too many good memes out there and not enough battery power on cell phones. We gotta figure out some kind of solution.”

Apple and Android did not provide a comment on their current battery situation.

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13 thoughts on “Teenager Unplugs Her Grandpa’s Life Support to Charge iPhone™

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    1. Lmao, way to come up with a story like this iPhone. You use a teenager almost killing her grandpa to charge her phone, and the nurse was upset because android has longer battery life. HAHA IF YOU BELIEVE THIS STUPID STORY , THEN HEY I HAVE A BRIDGE FOR SALE JUST CONTACT ME LOL..

  1. Wtf??? She thinks her phone is more important than her grandpa’s lives? The hell!! She does not belong in this world. Reckless senseless kid!!

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