Black Father Returns Home Within The Hour After Leaving Family For The ‘Grocery Store’.

Once every few days you see a shared story on the internet that can remind you of a warm time in your life or even bring together a family, even for a brief moment, to share in a story that just makes your heart melt. This could be one of those stories.

“He said he would be right back because he had to make a quick trip to the grocery store and he came back way quicker than I thought he would.”

Jamie Stone Jr.

Jamie Stone Sr. left late Friday night shortly after he came home from work to grab a few specific items from the grocery store that he only then realized he needed. Within the same hour he returned with those groceries but it was more than expected.

“I got nachos, cheese and candy for game night! Wash up, fam, mom and I are getting out Scrabble and Clue!

Jamie Stone Sr.

The Stone family likes to throw it back to a different, more basic level of thought promoting fun to connect with their children than the current technology path.

While their children do still use tablets and have smart phones, father Jamie Stone likes to remind them where they came from and to respect technology and more importantly other people.

“We don’t understand what other people are thinking or how they are raised but my family will always have the strong moral compass that my father instilled in me and his father before him so they can be prepared for what may lie ahead.”

Folks, this is as wholesome as it gets. Bet you weren’t expecting that one, were you?


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