A Florida Man Is Crashing Birthday Parties and Slamming Kids Faces Into Their Cakes, Police Say

An unidentified elderly man in Tampa, Florida has reportedly been crashing children’s birthday parties and forcing their heads into their cakes whilst they blow out their candles.

This is the 4th reported case in a month where the Florida man, now thought to be a missing dementia patient from a nearby nursing home, has walked into unsuspecting families houses or backyards during a birthday party, posing as a relative or neighbor just to force children head first into their mother’s Pinterest inspired birthday cakes.

“It’s a power move – yeah. An absolute power move. Admittedly, it’s kind of a weird flex but..okay. He’s moving as an absolute unit.”

Chief of Police Doug Stanton on the suspect of interest

Witnesses at the party say he actually comes and leaves a gift. Those gifts are now in police custody as evidence. The children are not happy.

“To be fair, he is leaving gifts so it’s not like he’s being a total ass about it. Its usually a unisex gift like Playdoh or a Paw Patrol coloring book. Aside from trespassing and unwanted physical interaction, it’s actually very thoughtful.”

Mother of the daughter who had her mouth and eye lids stuffed with buttermilk frosting.

Not all parents are overzealous about the man though, one father claims:

“He farded and shided all over the unoccupied rooms in our house.”

Disgruntled father

We will keep you updated on this story.


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