Fashion Expert Says Baby Face Tattoos Are the Next Big Thing

Some say it’s child abuse. Others say it’s fashion.

Last Saturday, fashion designer “Zee Why Ex” was hanging out at the presser for next week’s fashion show in London. She was asked what the biggest trend in fashion will be for 2019. Her answer? Baby face tattoos.

She showed reporters the following image of a baby covered in face tattoos and said it was nothing short of flawless:


The question we are all asking is whether or not this is child abuse. As a parent, should you be able to put your baby through a little pain so they look hip and trendy next time you take them to the park? Or should this be considered child abuse?

My take? As long as the tattoos are done strictly in the name of “fashion”, baby face tattoos are A-ok. 👌🏻 And if high fashion doesn’t work out for your baby, they can always have a successful career as a SoundCloud rapper.

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