Actor Who Played Barney Now Runs A Sex Business

🎶I love you, you love me.. now my kinky fantasy.🎶

Remember Barney? TV’s Purple Dinosaur who made young children feel special?

Well, children grow up and now actor David Joyner who potrayed Barney is now making adults feel special too… for a fee!

David Joyner, actor who portrayed TV’s Barney from 1991 until 2001.

Prepare to have your childhood ruined because it turns out that Joyner now runs:

Sexual massages that will offer his female-only clientele “cosmic, mind-blowing orgasms.”

Look at those happy faces.. #LEGEND

For $350 a session, I think the real question is: How much is a Barney cosplay session? Asking for a friend..



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