Guy Who Played With His Nipples On Live TV Gets His Own Public Access Show

This past summer during a PGA golf tournament, the world was blessed with this guy:

Imagine being as care-free as this guy. It’s like fondling his nipples is what he was born to do. And now, it will officially become his day job.

According to the Woken News Investigative Team, Rich Roddiger (aka the Nipple Guy) will be hosting his own Public Access show in his hometown of Antelope, Oregon.

The show will be called “Wouldn’ Tit Be Nice with Rich” and each episode will be a continuous live stream of Rich playing with his nipples. He will be wearing the exact same red shirt and will sit with his legs crossed in his backyard. That’s it. Simple and to the point. Well, looks like I’m moving to Antelope.

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