Gay man impregnates transgender partner who identifies as male

It appears we finally landed on hetrosexuality when it comes to the wild game of gender dice that the radical left seems to play.

Not really it but lolol

So these two brohs met on Grindr and live in some hippy fortnite lookin bus in their friends backyard in San Antonio, California.

Gay dominant broh

Ol’ boi, Stephan said, “The bio of his (Wyley) Grindr account said something like, ‘Country boy, loves the wild, loves animals, vegan’ and then like picture of a tree.” (Cool story)

Chick named Wyley who spent money on testosterone for more hair and breast removal surgery

Extreme Love” is a video showing these two gay, unwashed and unstable men who are considering raising a child together.

Stubborn biology strikes again

You might be asking yourself how this happened.

Thing is that while Wyley identifies as a transgender male and sports a beard, deeper voice, and a chest without breasts, Wyley — who was born female — still possesses a pesky vagina.

Ergo, a pregnancy that “definitely was not planned,” Wyley said, adding that “I am a man, and I am actually pregnant.” (Quote from ‘The Blaze‘).

It’s safe to say California has some of the wildest and most delusional people on the planet.

Here’s more info on their background.


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