Dodo Birds Became Extinct Because They Liked Pineapple on Pizza, Experts Claim

It’s been the age old debate amongst millions for over a millenia: “Do you like pineapple on pizza?” And the answer is usually a resounding ‘No’ when people with a high IQ are asked.

Dodo’s enjoy a savage meal

Recently, a completely made up opinion with absolutely no research by someone claiming to be an expert from an ivy league school suggests that the Dodo Bird may actually be extinct now because they enjoyed eating pineapple on their perfectly good normal pizza(s).

The Dodo Bird and its actual name

It is believed that the Dodo may actually have been fairly more smart than originally believed. Before pineapple was introduced as an option expert suggest that the Dodo could have been considered the ‘average joe’ of the bird community.

It wasn’t until pineapple became an option that the Dodo community began to accept socialistic ideas like free health care, free schooling and illegal immigration as ‘smart’ alternatives to a Capitalist ran society.

Just keep pineapple as far away from pizza as possible.


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