Aquaman Found Dead

One of the biggest movements of 2018 was the “Anti-Straw Movement”. Restaurants all over the country started banning straws to protect our wildlife. No matter how successful this movement has been, another form of plastic has flown completely under the radar this year – plastic soda rings.  And because of this, we now have to say goodbye to the King of The Seven Seas, Aquaman.  His untimely death was originally depicted in the comic book with the following illustration:


It’s going to be interesting to see how the world goes on without him.

As fans of comics and superheroes, it seems as if we have two options:

  1. Focus our attention on banning plastic rings from soda cans so something like this can never happen again
  2. Start a petition for DC Comics to stop making terrible superheroes that are restricted to fight crime in bodies of water.

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