Former President To Be Removed From Mt. Rushmore After Controversial Tweets Resurface

An unfortunate day for history as the face of John F. Kennedy was removed from the National Landmark known as Mt. Rushmore this week. The decision was made after the former president’s questionable tweets resurfaced.

John F. Kennedy (JFK) has always been known as one of the most influential presidents of the United States, but his reputation has taken a hit this week as his Twitter account showed his darker side. The former president had a few too many questionable tweets and people just weren’t having it. Below are a few of his tweets:


And finally, the tweet that everyone was talking about. This really was the nail in the coffin for the late president:

The National landmark will never be the same without him. The top 3 candidates to replace Kennedy are Mason Ramsey, Thanos, and PewDiePie.

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