Chicago Blackhawks Mascot Bodyslams Fan

Rule 1 of attending sporting events: Don’t f*ck with mascots.

Watch as Tommy the Hawk, the Blackhawks team mascot, absolutely owns this fan:

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the fan actually instigated the fight by putting the mascot in a headlock and punching him. So it seems like the ensuing bodyslam was well deserved.

The altercation is currently being investigated by local police. They were on scene shortly after the fight broke out, but Chicago should be thanking these two – this fight was by far the most exciting thing to happen in the United Center since Childish Gambino came to town in September. The Blackhawks are currently in last place in the Central division with a 10-19-2 record and things are not looking good. There’s always next year, Hawks fans. But for now, enjoy your badass of a mascot.

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