Man Wins Award For Being A Vegan And Not Telling Anyone

Ewen Farley, 39 year old man out of Brussels, won an award this weekend for basically “keeping his mouth shut”.

Farley has been a vegan for the last 20 years and the only person he’s ever told was his wife, Janet. Last week, his wife spilled the vegan beans and told one of her friends at work about her husband. Now, Farley has been given a public service award for not constantly annoying all his friends by letting them know that he is in fact a vegan.

After a little research by the Woken News Investigative Team, Farley’s social media accounts were found to not have a single post about being a vegan. This is truly a remarkable feat.

He even chose to not give an acceptance speech because he “didn’t want to bother anyone”. Ghandi, come get your mans!

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