Sources: The Bengals Hire A Brick Wall As Their Newest Assistant Coach

NFL insider Adam Schefter dropped a bomb on us this weekend reporting that the Cincinnati Bengals are hiring a brick wall as an assistant coach. Yes, an actual brick wall.

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Woken News’ camera crew headed to the Bengals facility today and found that the brick wall has already arrived and has gotten to work.

black-and-red-aged-brick-plain-2 (1)
The brick wall’s first day on the job

When Owner/GM Mike Brown was asked about the hire, he said, “a brick wall is strong and can stand up against adversity. That’s the kind of leadership we need around here.”

The brick wall used to just be part of an old house on the corner of street Front Street and 4th Avenue near the Browns practice facility, but now it will be on the sidelines as it tries to salvage Cincinnati’s season.

When the brick wall was asked what he was going to do to help this team win games, he just sat there completely emotionless with no response whatsoever. Owner/GM Mike Brown then added that the brick wall will fit in perfectly with this coaching staff.

The most recent hire before the brick wall was Hue Jackson, a guy that had a 3-36-1 as the Cleveland Browns head coach. This newest addition to the coaching staff truly proves that the Bengals will hire anyone (or anything) that used to be in Cleveland, even if they have absolutely no business coaching in the NFL.

When asked about the job security of head coach Marvin Lewis, Mike Brown grinned and said a lifetime coaching extension was in the works…. Sorry Bengals fans.

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