Snapchat Thot’s tax money will be used to fund Trump’s wall

A bill named the Premium Thot Act will be signed via Executive Order from President Trump this week in response to a large amount of premium Snapchat females being reported to the IRS by r/dankmemes virgins.The Premium Thot Act Bill , as it has appropriately been named, will be a bill that sets a percentage of tax on each premium Snapchat account gaining income starting at 10k usd a month.

The response online was heavily divided with large volumes of men and women debating the subject over social mediums such as Twitter.

“Online thots are finding out that all income generated from their breasts and vagina is taxable. Men are aggressively organising to report all thots. I don’t blame them: these girls are getting a free ride via beta bux and a broken sexual marketplace that is rigged in the favour of females.” Mr Valizadeh tweeted.

Popular YouTube podcaster and vlogger, Adam22, spoke out on Twitter

to claim that he had expected this to happen sometime soon, and that he was glad his girlfriend, popular adult star LenaThePlug, had already started paying taxes prior to this blowing up.

Rough draft of wall/cool moat

The tax money should be more than enough to fund the entire southern border and a cool moat that will be 80ft wide, 20ft deep and run parallel along the entirety of the wall.

A statement from the newly formed Thot Audit Commission released a statement  Monday saying:

“Thanks to the virgin, fedora wearing, white knight, mountain dew drinking, greasy barcode bangs lookin, entitled Millenial weebs at Reddit who just can’t seem to stand female attention, we were able to recognize the severity of the #thotaudit issue and we are now able to put that money to good use for our country.”

We have yet to hear back from Trump on the issue but he did tell reporters, “Listen, it’s been a long time coming. It’s a huge win for America. Thot’s will just have to wait an extra couple weeks to afford their Gucci one piece bathing suits they’ll take selfies in while their backyard is full of snow lmao.”


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