Mexican gang member gets tattoo in memory of fallen homie

How much do you love your homie?
We all know a goodnight phone call or a quick smooch is a healthy way to let your homie know how much they mean to you.
But what about getting a tattoo to prove it?

Active gang member and total broh by everyone that knows him Miguel Rodriguez (34) of Los Angeles, California holds his homies so close that he had one permanently touching his skin.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as Rodriguez spent his first 10hrs outlining the portrait of fallen homie Cesar Hernandez (39) on his right abdomen in the basement of their local tattoo parlor in Fresno.

“We all loved him (Cesar)”, said Guido the gangs respected tattoo artist. “But he and Miguel had a really special relationship. Holding hands for safety outside of the bar near rival turf, walking one another home after being involved in a drive by. That was true friendship.”

Miguel and Cesar grew up together in Central Valley, just west of Fresno. As kids they would play outside building forts, Nintendo games and playing with their older sisters doll house and imagine their life as homies together.

“I ain’t gay. I hear that a lot but it’s not true – insulting really. He was my dude. How does kissing another guy make you gay?” Asked Miguel. “Seriously, he liked chicks too, so it’s not gay. It would be different if he kissed mass dudes, but he didn’t. It was just our thing.” He explained. “Kissing a girl would be more gay because they always kiss dudes. Checkmate atheists.”

Rodriguez spent a total of 30 hrs on his ‘Brotrait’ (portrait) and left us with this piece of advice:

“Find you a ride and die homie that also cares about you on a way deeper level and if you’re ever mad at each other DO NOT go to bed without a good night smooch and an apology snuggle.”

Miguel (left) with homie Cesar (right)



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