6ix9ine Preps For Prison Showers

Controversy is the rope that has held 6ix9ine’s career together but now it may be what is keeping his soap from dropping to the prison floor.

6ix9ine is facing 32 years in jail for racketeering and other offences, according to a prosecuting US attorney. Tekashi is being held under general population at a Brooklyn detention center, and his safety remains feared.


Guilty? Written all over his face.

However, an inside source has suggested that Tekashi is accepting all possible outcomes of his sentancing. “He’s already making quite the splash in the shower room” said cellmate Bubba.

Woken News Network will bring you updates as soon as the story unfolds.

What was once a Tekashi lyric: “Same day, different shit, same bed, different bitch.”, now a quote from Bubba.


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