Woman increases her chest size with GTA San Andreas cheat codes

Imagine having the ability to change or access anything in life with just a simple set of cheat codes.

Meet Amanda Springer (24). While playing GTA San Andreas last Friday Amanda began to realize something was starting to feel different.

“I play video games daily.  Mainly GTA San Andreas because I think the entire game as a whole and I don’t use this term loosely, is just an absolute unit.”                                   She told Woken News.

“I had just finished the mission “Drive-Thru” and decided to do a few gun cheats. I know I messed up on one of them and then I felt a weird sensation in my chest. Almost like my skin being pulled and weight being added.  I didn’t pay it any attention at first until I messed up a couple more times and then I realized, ‘hey, my boobs look bigger?’

And bigger they grew.  Amanda’s chest had grown nearly 2 cups larger than their original size with only a handful of extra cheat codes.

“I have a better understanding of how Big Smoke feels when he takes his shirt off.  I’m going to start participating in Waifu Wednesday’s.”

Rockstar has not responded to our request for a comment.



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