5 Things Elon Musk Offered to Buy and Immediately Delete

The great Elon Musk has been on a terror lately, offering to buy seemingly every social media site/video game giant/anything he can get his hands on.  But why? So he can immediately delete them and save us all from ourselves.

He’s been critical of things like social media in the past, but he’s officially taken the first steps in destroying it once and for all. Anyway, here are the top 5 things Elon plans to buy and immediately delete:


Elon Musk Offers To Buy And Then Delete Facebook

Facebook quickly responded by letting Elon know that the crock pot he thought about 3 weeks ago is on sale. This was shortly followed by a notification that his Great Aunt’s birthday was that day.

2. Reddit

Elon Musk Offers To Buy and Then Delete Reddit

Reddit responded by down-voting Elon’s most recent shitpost into oblivion and made him feel extremely self-conscious. Poor Elon.

3. Fortnite

Elon Musk Buys Fortnite and Deletes It

Epic Games, creators of Fortnite, responded by making a new Elon Musk skin that you can play with.  It currently costs 200,000 V-bucks.

4. Resurrecting Club Penguin? Elon gives way more than he takes.

Elon Musk Offers To Buy And Then Restart Club Penguin

If you don’t remember Club Penguin, it was that game from which you got hours of entertainment in the mid-2000s by cyber-bullying all the other penguins until you inevitably got banned. Ah, great times…

But seriously Elon, this needs to happen. We need this to happen. For real.

5. Tesla

Yes. You’re reading that right. After all the offers Elon made last week, he went on a podcast, smoked some weed, and claimed that he would delete his own company, Tesla.  Stock prices went up 5 percent.


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